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Hi - welcome to my blog. I am so glad you found me. I post a lot of Scripture quotes and God sayings with pictures, prayers, Catholic images and prayers, and saint quotes. I am a wife, mom and author. I am growing in my faith and my relationship with God is deepening as I do. I hope you are blessed by what I blog.

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What do I get someone for an Ordination gift?? I don’t really know him very well, but I was invited to a special Holy Hour and the first mass of thanksgiving (I think because I’m a registered parishioner). I am not invited to the actual Ordination as the…

Many orders of sisters have what are called annual or Perpetual Enrollments.  These will include the person in all prayers and in the intentions of all masses said.  They are not expensive.  They range from $10.00 for 1 year to $30 for Perpetual.  Enrollment would be a beautiful gift for him.  He will know that those sisters are keeping him and his ministry lifted in prayer.  We usually have the pink sisters in St. Louis send cards.  

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters

1438 E. Warne Ave.

St. Louis, MO  63107


Just to clarify - the money is not for prayers it is for the gorgeous card (and they are gorgeous and substantial) that is sent.  The money is an offering to help support the sisters in their ministry.  


Eternal Father! I offer Thee the Precious Blood of Jesus, in satisfaction for my sins, and for the wants of Holy Church.

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